This stuff is huge!

Only 12ppi crosscut.  


Big Wood

12 year stickered white oak.

I found this stuff over the summer.  I finally have my workbench underway!  5 1/2″ thick white oak.  12 years air dried.

Buy 3 get half rotten one free

Discovering Stuff

My experiences as a woodworker are juvenile.  I started out with veneered plywood and pocket screws, then my beautiful wife gave me the gift of learning with a one week class at Kelly Mehler’s School of Woodworking  She caught me watching the “Woodwright Shop” one evening in 2008.  Roy was interviewing Kelly on his program about Berea, Ky.  My wife remembered this and for Christmas she got me the class to build a hand-dovetailed blanket chest.

I was a little confused by this.  I thought to myself, I’d rather have some power tool.  Who want’s to learn hand work.  I’d watched Roy Underhill, but I never thought anybody was actually using this antiquated technique.  And for the expense of the class, I could have a nice router table!

But the more I’d research this, and start building my collection of hand tools for the class, the more excited I became by the idea.  The rest is history.  Kelly and his shop blew my mind open to the elevated work of hand tools.  Since then I’ve been a blog reader of Christoper Schwarz and several others.  I’ve decided to give back with some information through this blog.  Some other beginner might find some new bit of the puzzle through my ramblings perhaps.

Joseph Casbarian